Pikky’s - for those with a good taste ;]

I feel like that would hurt so bad but I kind of want it😩
I absolutely just HAD to share with you guys a few quirky little shops that I’ve stumbled ups on as of late! If you are a fan of things a bit “outside the box” of what’s generally considered appropriate and normal decor, like myself- check out these awesome shops! @youmeandbones and @burkehareco - I’m literally just going to hand them all my money. #somebodystopmeh! #creepyfinds #oddities #decor #Halloween #inlove
"I’d never ask you ‘cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say. You’d say “I’m sorry believe me, I love you but not in that way."Not In That Way, Sam Smith (via happilylush)

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Got a new owl warmer for fall! 🍂🍁💛#waxmelts #warmer #spottedowl #yankeekcandle #agoodsmellinghouse #isahappyhouse #pumpkinbuttercream #thegreatpumpkining
Took myself out and did a bit of fall shopping ❤️ got some neat little display items and lots of autumn-y wax melts. #ohhowilovefall #myfavorite #september #october #november #Halloween
"And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling."(via equily)

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